Cross Survivor

Support Parts: Cross Survivor

Weight: 2.56g

  • Solid LAD with a peripheral weight distribution

  • Main use is as solid SP for most Attack combinations with ARs that have 2/4/8 sides (Survivor Ring is best for 3/6) thanks to its weight distribution. Protrusions have minor attack ability though this isn't relevant to most combos. Width can cause minor obstruction however, in which case Defense Ring or Twin Guard are better choices, with the former in particularly allowing for better LAD when used with Customize Grip Base, which can be situationally useful.

  • Defense Ring has better LAD and is therefore a better choice for Spin Stealing, despite the weight distribution being more compact.

  • The most defensive SP if a round Weight Disk isn't used thanks to its width - provides a mostly round plastic buffer. Main use is Defensive Zombies where Wide Defense isn't available (though these are mostly just Grip-Based Defense rather than zombies as a result). If Wide Defense is available, Defense Ring is generally preferred for its LAD as Cross Survivor doesn't add a significant amount of defense in that case.

Beyblades including this part