Final Clutch Base (Gigars Version)

Weight: 7.6g

  • Bulky and very recoil-prone (even for an Engine Gear System Blade Base, due to its various spike protrusions), though its LAD is decent for an EG Base.

  • Final Clutch does occasionally cause a late battle offensive push with flat tips, but generally the Beyblade is too low on rotational energy at this point to do anything of note, and with ARs that might help this such as Square Edge not being effective on such tall setups, this is generally ineffectual.

  • Nonetheless, this does make them more effective than First Clutch Bases. However, Normal Bases tend to be better simply for being less bulky, even though they generally don't make use of the Engine Gear mechanic.

  • Recoil in particular makes it bad even for an Engine Gear Blade Base.

  • No competitive use

Beyblades including this part