RC Shooter

Number of Gear Teeth: 10
Number of Rotations (Dragon Winder):
Number of Rotations (Spring Winder): 5.5-5.75
Number of Rotations (Regular Winder):
Direction: Right

This launcher came with each of the Remote Control Beyblades except RC Beyblade Wolborg 4 which did not include a Launcher at all. While similar in appearance to the BeyUltimate Shooter, it is a standard strength launcher with the only tactics being the included RC control and the antenna which was really good at poking your opponent in the schoolyard or accidentally poking your own eye. Overall, it's a normal launcher so unless one likes the aesthetics enough to deal with the antenna, it can be skipped.

This launcher was reused for the Three Kingdoms RC Beyblades. The Dragoon version of this grip is still Right Spin, however there is a Dragoon G version of the launcher which is Left Spin (and lacks an antenna).

There are a plethora of recolours for this launcher, known versions are:

RC Beyblade Dragoon V2 (Silver/Blue/Black Grip)
RC Beyblade Dranzer V2 (Black/Red/Silver Grip)
RC Beyblade Driger V2 (Blue/Light Blue)
RC Beyblade Draciel V2 (Green/Blue)
RC Beyblade Cao Cao (Red/Black)
RC Beyblade Guan Yu (Green/Red/Gold Grip)
RC Beyblade Lü Bu (Black/Yellow)
RC Beyblade Zhao Yun (Light Grey/Violet/Light Blue Grip)
RC Beyblade Dranzer V2 EU GRev Recolour (White/Red)
RC Beyblade Dr
agoon V2 EU GRev Recolour (Blue/Dark Blue/Light Blue Grip)
RC Beyblade Gaia Dragoon V2 (Purple/Red/Silver Grip)


Three Kingdoms version shown. All versions are identical, just recolours.