Double Wing

Attack Ring: Double Wing

Weight: 3.5g

  • Best used in Left Spin, due to lack of any good contact points in Right, as well as its fragility issues being significantly worse in Right Spin.

  • Suffers from significant recoil in Right alongside these issues.

  • Limited by poor range and the fact all major Attack WD's block its main contact points. Ten Wide does better than other options but still tends to interfere.

  • Nonetheless, a decent Left Spin Smash Attack AR if you don't have a top-tier alternative when using a small Weight Disk.

  • A solid Tier 2 choice for Zombies with Wide Survivor and Wide Defense, with a good weight distribution let down by the recoil of the wing tips. It is nonetheless very usable, but too recoil-heavy and fragile for defensive combinations. The smaller SonoKong mold is a better choice here due to being covered by the Weight Disk more, and Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft is optimal to make use of its attributes.

  • Also usable for Spin Stealing Attack but tends to be too recoil prone on the relatively lightweight setups.

  • The primary use for the part is on Left-Spin Compacts using Wide Defense (with other Weight Disks it is too recoily and fragile) and Metal Change Base, which makes use of its mix of offensive and spin-stealing abilities with the weight and distribution of the combination and the protection of Wide Defense making up for the recoil effectively. This results in a competitive Compact (or Pseudo-Compact) customization.

Mold Difference:

  • There is a second mold of Double Wing, used by later Hasbro Dranzer S models (including the red Phantom Force model) which connects the tail edge of the first wing and the leading edge of the larger wing, to reduce breakage. The impact on both performance and sturdiness is minimal, though the Phantom Force version being this mold does mean it technically is the only mold the heaviest version of the AR comes in (though the Crystal version is close).

Beyblades including this part:


Mold 1

Mold 2