Salamalyon Base

Blade Base: Salamalyon Base

Weight: 5.9g (Mold 1) | 6.1g (Mold 2)

    • Light base with built in SG (4 Layer System style).

    • Tip is a narrow flat tip (barely wider than the flat part of SG Semi-Flat Base).

    • Tip provides aggressive movement, but is hard to make flower pattern and doesn't handle recoil well.

    • Poles for figurine attachment cripple LAD and cause scraping (albeit not as severely as Griffolyon Base), and interfere with the deep banking required to get a decent movement pattern out of the tip.

    • Overall, inferior to the already mediocre Flat Base.

Notable Mold Differences:

  • There is a second mold of Salamalyon Base, included in Bakutenryu Donitrus, which has reinforced poles. The reinforcement also adds to the length however, making the scraping issues incredibly bad in this version, to the point it can scrape when Tornado Stalling and spin itself out. This may make it the worst Blade Base of the generation, as while the Mold 2 Griffolyon Base from its compatriot Bakutenryu Etanzel is less practical, it at least does not self-induce scraping.

Beyblades including this part


Mold 1

Mold 2

Pole Comparison