Scissor Attacker

Attack Ring: Scissor Attacker

Weight: 4.2g

Left Spin:

    • Small size and rounded leading edges work extremely well for Spin Stealing and Defense, better than Tiger Defenser in this direction, and one of the best overall, though not as good as Twin Horn or Twin Horn (Hasbro).

    • Elevated outer part means some Attack types can catch underneath it like a Sub-AR compatible AR (eg Twin Horn (Hasbro)) to deliver devastating hits, though as the front is blocked this is very uncommon, and the AR is still great for Defense.

    • Competitive choice for all Left Spin Defense and Stamina combinations as well as Left Spin Compacts.

Right Spin:

    • Aggressive, but prone to fairly heavy recoil thanks to its contact point angle, far more than its moderate Smash is worth

    • Very limited range hinders offensive potential

    • Recoil prevents use with Compacts, Defense and Survival

    • Not competitive in this direction.

Beyblades including this part: