Jungle Shock

Attack Ring: Jungle Shock

Weight: 4.1g

  • A round, spiked AR with large alligator head protrusions, with contact points being spikes and parts of the alligator head.

Right Spin:

  • Contact points are less effective in this direction, being slightly more obstructed, resulting in inconsistent power.

  • Not particularly powerful, but still passable Smash, marred by the inconsistency.

  • Moderate amount of recoil, which would be fine for a slightly more powerful AR.

  • A passable choice for Spin Stealing Attack in this direction, but outclassed by Gyro Defense as well as the more conventional options due to their more effective spin stealing and offensive abilities.

  • Overall not worth using in this direction.

Left Spin:

  • Solid Smash with moderate recoil in Left from the alligator snouts which are well exposed in this direction.

  • Recoil is acceptable for the amount of power.

  • Overall performance is in line with G Upper and Eight Spiker.

  • A secondary option for Spin Stealing Attack combos, though its aggression tends to interfere with spin stealing somewhat.

  • Overall a competitive choice for regular Left Spin Smash Attack

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