Defense Ring

Support Parts: Defense Ring

Weight: 2.91g

    • Best LAD of any Support Part, heaviest of the defensive SP due to the low reach and angle of the bottom surface, and with a somewhat compact weight distribution and a low-recoil design.

    • Primary choice for Survival due to LAD, though Defense Grip Base 2 provides some competition, usually Customize Grip Base with Defense Ring is a better choice with the most competitively viable Zombie tip (Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft) making this part more useful overall.

    • However, while Defense Ring seems like the perfect fit for Defensive Zombies, the fact SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft can occasionally catch in Customize Grip Base does mean that Defense Grip Base 2 can be a less risky choice. Nonetheless, the additional weight of Customize Grip Base and Defense Ring is advantageous and Defense Ring remains a top tier choice here.

    • Primary choice for Defense and relevant Compacts due to the LAD, weight, and compact distribution, so while Cross Survivor provides more of a protective barrier, Defense Ring is generally the top choice.

    • While its weight distribution isn't ideal for Attack Types, the fact it is out of the way means it works well with ARs such as Mountain Hammer and other setups that would prefer the BB not to protrude any further than necessary. The additional LAD can also be useful in some situations, especially when using Customize Grip Base.

    • Overall, perhaps the most versatile and best SP available and a must-have competitively.

Beyblades including this part