Customize Bearing Base


Weight: 4.2g

    • Smooth (and thus somewhat Upper Attack resistant), Support Part-compatible Blade Base able to hold a decent range of casings and shafts.

    • Good stamina and LAD (with Defense Ring), but Defense Grip Base 2 performs similarly and often better, and Customize Grip Base gives better LAD than either with most tips, though is more prone to skipping the ridge and scraping on lower SG setups.

    • Overall has competition from Customize Grip Base and Defense Grip Base 2, but still a very competitive part.

Setup Options:

  • Double Bearing Core and Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft: Free Spinning. With Defense Ring, Customize Bearing Base generally outperforms Defense Grip Base 2, however Customize Grip Base generally works better thanks to additional precession from the lower rim of the shaft section. With other SP, Defense Grip Base 2 can become more effective overall. However, the difference between all three is small, and rarely relevant outside of rare opposite spin Zombie vs Zombie match-ups. Generally, while Customize Grip Base is preferred, Customize Bearing Base is a very capable part here.

  • SG (Free Shaft Version) Casings with SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) Shaft: a viable option though no better than Defense Grip Base 2, much like that base it exposes the tip enough to alow it to catch the Tornado Ridge reliably, something the higher-LAD Full Auto Clutch Base and Customize Grip Base struggle comparatively more with.

  • SG (Bearing Version 2) with SG Grip Change Base Tip: One of the best bases for this setup, which is generally considered the one of the best SG setups for Smash Attack, as the additional weight helps control the recoil of the Aggressive AR's commonly used with the tip, while maintaining an edge-focused weight distribution and allowing the placement of weight behind contact points through the use of SP (especially Survivor Ring and Cross Survivor) or enhancing LAD or contact point exposure slightly through Defense Ring (though Customize Grip Base and Defense Grip Base 2 should be considered here). The shape also helps prevent tip from flying out if it catches on something during launch, giving it a practical advantage over any other alternative. However, Attack Rings that prefer lightweight combinations aiming for maximum speed (most notably Triple Tiger) generally benefit from the use of Defense Grip Base 2 or even SG Bearing Base. In addition, while it requires a fresh tip and more careful launching to avoid scraping, Customize Grip Base adds very significant LAD ability which Customize Bearing Base does not provide, allowing occasional outspins against opposite spin Compacts and Weight Based Defense combos.

Beyblades including this part