Fantom Grip Base

Blade Base: Fantom Grip Base

Weight: 5.6g

    • Mid height with a flat rubber tip.

    • Rather narrow tip size and hard rubber make it a little slow and reduce its recoil control, but with a good launch it can be quite quick and is quite easy to flower pattern.

    • In addition, it has relatively good survival for rubber, making it a good choice against Defense Grip Base defense combos.

    • However, the smaller diameter does make it slower and less aggressive than Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode), Customize Grip Base Tip and SG Grip Change Base Tip, making them better options, though it does maintain aggression reasonably well.

    • Hard rubber limits recoil control which means higher recoil attack rings are less effective - hurting performance against top tier Defensive Zombies, Weight Based Defense and Circle Survivor Defense. Nonetheless many, including Square Edge remain usable.

    • Generally outclassed by Customize Grip Base Tip for a rubber attack tip capable of outspinning Defense Grip Base, but nonetheless usable.

    • Overall, a solid Tier 2 choice for an Attack Blade Base, with decent competitive viability.

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