Left Customize Engine Gear

Weight: 6.6g

  • Standard Left-Spin Engine Gear with CEW prongs, being a weaker, slower release version of Left Engine Gear (Turbo) or a CEW-Compatible version of Left Engine Gear (Metal Semi-Flat), depending which way you want to look at it.

  • Engine Gear gimmick isn't very useful as it isn't powerful enough to work effectively with CEW Metal Grip as it is quite slow when used together, meaning this EG is directly outclassed by Left Engine Gear (Turbo).

  • You're usually better off not winding the SG, rendering it an excessively tall combo, prone to attacks from lower attackers and struggling to hit anything without using an overhanging AR, of which there are few useful choices in Left Spin.

  • Being Left Spin means it has no overhanging ARs and coupled with a lack of a Final Clutch Blade Base that is able to effectively hit opponents this means it is not useful with Final Clutch bases, which would generally be a better choice.

  • Finally, the only Engine Gear tip that was actually decent for Attack aside from Metal Grip, Right Engine Gear (Metal Flat), was never made into a CEW, rendering any offensive usage moot.

  • Overall a neat part, but outclassed while also being scarcely more accessible than its Turbo counterpart.