Volcano Change Base Tip

Weight: 3.1g

  • Only able to be used safely with Volcano Change Base itself, as with other BBs it is not held in place securely, as such it is often considered the lower half of Volcano Change Base, though SG Grip Base Tip also works the same.

  • Consists of a free spinning plastic disk on a metal shaft with two tips - a narrow Flat (labelled "Semi Flat" by Takara, though the actual profile varies) and a Sharp Tip, making Attack/Endurance mode respectively. Both are held in place by the Magnetic force of the SG.

  • The tips have a bizarrely wide range of variation - with the "Semi Flat" tip varying from a slightly wider Semi-Flat to a completely flat tip (which is also used for the SonoKong Version) and the Sharp tip doing the inverse - the more bevelled the "Semi-Flat" is, the sharper the Sharp tip is.

  • Sharp mode is entirely useless, due to very poor stability, regardless of mold

  • Flat mode has decent LAD due to the free spinning disk and decent stability, though outclassed by bearing setups (especially Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft) which also allows some, albeit less, aggression) still makes for a usable zombie with some aggression. Performance is better the flatter the tip is, and the completely flat version can almost reach the level of top tier Zombie parts - especially when used with the SonoKong version of South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version), which due to a design error reduces free spin and fixes it at a medium height, which provides better LAD when coupled with Wide Survivor.

  • Narrow metal tip provides decent aggression, controllability and stamina for attack, but isn't quite fast enough to be competitive, though being forgiving means it can be good for people new to plastics. It is quite tall, so an overhanging AR can be of use.

  • Best used with South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version) or North Magnecore (Dranzer V Version) to reduce the overall height of the combo, making it less vulnerable, or the SonoKong version of the former for reasons above.

  • Overall, a very respectable part, if not quite top tier.

Beyblades including this part


With Magnecore (Dranzer V Version)

With Regular Magnecore

Different SG Heights

Left to Right - South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version), South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version) (SonoKong), South Magnecore

Tip Variations

"Semi-Flat" (Flat Side)

Noticeable bevel

"Semi-Flat" (Sharp Side)

Shallow sharp tip

"Mostly Flat" (Flat Side)

Slight bevel

"Mostly Flat" (Sharp Side)

Conical tip terminating in a very small flat area

Flat (Flat Side)

No side bevel, relatively sharp sides

Flat (Sharp Side)

Sharp, pointed tip.

SonoKong (Flat Side)

No side bevel, sharp sides

SonoKong (Sharp Side)

Very sharp conical tip