Salamalyon Base (Hasbro)

Note: This part is not legal under current World Beyblade Organisation rulings.

Weight: 5.9g

    • Light base with built in Right SG (4 Layer System style).

    • Tip is a narrow flat tip (barely wider than the flat part of SG Semi-Flat Base).

    • Tip provides aggressive movement, but is hard to make flower pattern and doesn't handle recoil well.

    • Hasbro's release removed the poles from Salamalyon Base and moved them onto Fire Cracker instead.

    • While it has fewer scraping issues due to the removal of the poles and is therefore better than Takara's version due to allowing deeper banking for greater control, the LAD is still poor due to the bumpy shape.

    • The narrower tip combined with this poor LAD means that it is outclassed by even Flat Base, albeit not as severely as the Takara version.

Beyblades including this part