Whale Crusher

Attack Ring: Whale Crusher

Weight: 7.3g

    • Extremely wide three sided AR.

Right Spin:

    • Slopes provide strong Upper Attack and some Upward Smash.

    • Width allows it to reach under opponents, compensating for the fact it doesn't overhang the Weight Disk like Upper Dragoon and its ilk.

    • As such, it is a competitive Traditional Upper Attack AR, though its lack of Spin Stealing ability prevents it from being useful in Spin Stealing Attack.

    • Shape, width and protrusions provide some Smash Attack, but not enough to make Whale Crusher a competitive Smash Attack AR

Left Spin:

    • Spikes on the sides of the AR and rounded outer "screw" details are the main contact points

    • High recoil and rotational recoil, which inhibits its effectiveness. If it fails to KO an opponent early it struggles.

    • It does have notable Smash Attack, but is limited by its recoil issues.

    • Small inverted slopes underneath the rounded screw parts are intended to provide Force Smash, but don't really do anything.

    • Overall not a competitive part here, but usable in a pinch.

Beyblades including this part