SG (Triple Change Version)

Weight: 1.7g

  • Only compatible with Flame Change Base.

  • Has three tips: Sharp, Semi-Flat, and Flat. This tip is rotated to select the tip and held in place by friction from two protrusions from the core part. These can wear to the point the tip can shift in battle, resulting in the Beyblade resting on the edges of two tips at once which causes massive stamina loss and erratic movement, almost certainly resulting in a loss. A second mold was released where these protrusions are larger to help prevent this, as in some cases it could happen very quickly.

  • Due to the way the tip piece is molded, each tip has a protruding line through its centre, which results in slight hopping at the start of the battle when using the Semi-Flat or Flat tips, reducing controllability and stamina. This should be reduced as the tips wear flat, but at the same time more use means it becomes more likely the stopper mechanism wears down.

  • Semi-Flat tip produces moderately aggressive movement patterns with decent survival, however as this SG precludes a Heavy Metal Core, the part required for all combinations this tip shape is useful for, means this has little use.

  • Flat Tip is relatively aggressive and somewhat awkward to control, with normal stamina for a plastic flat tip. The fact it lacks the grip and manipulability of rubber, isn't as aggressive as wider tips and lacks the survival ability offered by metal flat tips mean it isn't particularly useful.

  • Sharp tip has poor balance and defense and little movement, and is the least useful of the three tips.

  • Main point of interest is that it offers three tips in one, allowing bladers to become accustomed to different types of tips and situations in which different tips work more effectively than others.

Beyblades including this part


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