Jumping Base (Trygle)

Weight: 7.8g

  • It's a jumping gimmick, and worse, it's a jumping gimmick on an extremely recoil-prone, generally unstable base thanks to the huge skis and the sharp tip of the SG it is intended for use with.

  • The closest it comes to managing to do anything even remotely useful is that the skis have a small chance of KOing things if the Beyblade is launched with the tip extended. Why you would want to do this when the base comes with Triple Wing and so many cheap uncustomized Beyblades do it much more reliably, however, is beyond me.

  • Occasionally it will go off and through sheer alignment of the planets manage to knock something out. There's even a small chance the thing it knocks out isn't itself!

  • Can be used with a number of other shafts, however the results are inevitably awful due to the skis scraping violently.

  • Overall, quite possibly the worst Blade Base in plastics.

Beyblades including this part