RC EG Launcher

Number of Gear Teeth: 10
Number of Rotations (Dragon Winder):
Number of Rotations (Spring Winder): 5.5-5.75
Number of Rotations (Regular Winder):
Direction: Right

This launcher came with each of the Remote Control Engine Gear Beyblades, Draciel G (Hasbro Engine Gear RC) and Driger G (Hasbro Engine Gear RC). The unique design adds a second button for Engine Gear mode on the back and an open trigger guard, however as a launcher it is identical to the regular RC Shooter which is itself identical in strength to an EZShooter. The handle is however large enough for adult hands, though this requires putting the index finger on the trigger and can make it a little awkward to use the gimmick in this state. The large, flat base also lets it stand upright which is kind of nice.

Overall an interesting piece but not a must have.