Double Bearing Core

Spin Gear Casings: Double Bearing Core

Note: When used in an SG, Double Bearing Core is listed as "Double Bearing Version".

Weight: 0.79g each (1.58g total) plus 2 Bearings

    • Able to hold two bearings (comes with 1x Metal and 1x Shielded Ball Bearing)

    • Only compatible with Neo SG Shells

    • Two compatible shafts are regularly used with it: Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft and SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft.

    • When used with SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft, provides better Defense for the Defensive Zombies the shaft is used for thanks to the use of two bearings (assuming the use of two Shielded Metal Ball Bearings), at the cost of a usually insignificant (i.e. irrelevant unless using a Metal Bit Chip) amount of stability, making it usually a better choice over SG (Bearing Version 2) itself.

    • It is also the only useful casings for its own Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft, which is generally considered the most practical Zombie Shaft, again making it an important part for this type.

    • Can also be used to fix SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) Shaft in place (depending on the thickness of the bottom bearing), allowing it to be more aggressive. Generally free spin is preferred so SG (Free Shaft Version) is superior, however this can be somewhat useful for an aggressive Driger V2 custom.

    • Overall, a very impr.

Beyblades including this part