Dragoon G

  • AKA: Dragoon Galaxy (Full Name), Dragon G (SonoKong)

Attack Ring: Eight Spiker

Weight: 4.3g

    • Eight decently exposed and well angled contact points for Left Spin providing Smash Attack and some Spike Attack from the serrations.

    • Power is somewhat low compared to other competitive Left Spin Smash Attack ARs, however this is offset by low recoil and solid consistency.

    • Very consistent due to the number of contact points and the fact it doesn't really have any "dead zones" - if it hits, it's generally hitting with a purpose-made contact point.

    • In addition, the recoil is quite low, adding to the consistency and making it a good choice for SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version).

    • Often considered the benchmark for Left Spin Smash Attack ARs, much like Triple Wing is for Right Spin, however the low power means it sits near the bottom of the top tier of ARs for this type.

    • Ineffective in Right Spin, having too much recoil and no offensive ability.

Weight Disk: Ten Wide

Weight: 14.0g (Takara/Hasbro) | 14.3g (SonoKong G-Blade)

  • Moderately light weight

  • Outward weight distribution, though less so than Wide Defense and Wide Survivor.

  • Recoil means it is far less effective for spin stealing and survival than those weight disks

  • Still has plenty of use for Smash Attack, particularly with Attack Rings which are obstructed by Wide Defense.

  • Can still be used for spin stealing to decent effect with parts that compensate through LAD (Spiral Change Base/Full Auto Clutch Base etc) or by providing a buffer (Dragon Saucer SAR), but is still outclassed.

  • A number of SonoKong Ten Wide WD's from their G-Blade series have been recorded as being slightly above the average weight of Wide Defense, see the Ten Wide page for details.

Weight: 10.9g

    • More of a small flat tip rather than Semi-Flat, as the edges aren't bevelled.

    • Moderately aggressive movement, but not all that much.

    • The Engine Gear gimmick does very little of use - if it activates early it breaks flower pattern and sometimes self-KO's.

    • You're usually better off not winding the SG as it lacks any grip to really benefit from the rotation or any speed that it does have the traction to produce, rendering it an excessively tall attack setup.

    • Being Left Spin means it has no overhanging ARs and coupled with a lack of a Final Clutch Blade Base that is able to effectively hit opponents this means it is not useful with Final Clutch bases, which would generally be a better choice.

    • A lack of AR's that can compensate for its height due to it being Left Spin further worsens any hope of usability of this part.

Weight: 7.6g

    • First Clutch activates at start of battle. Slightly less self-destructive than Final Clutch because the Beyblade resists the destabilization caused by the Engine Gear's activation, instead it breaks flower pattern and sometimes self KO's.

    • Sometimes it can effectively barrel into opponents for significant smash, though this is a huge gamble.

    • Spiked, designed to attack lower opponents in Left Spin which is moderately effective all things considered. Only creates recoil in Right Spin, making the Blade Base practically useless in this Spin Direction.

    • The most effective choice for a Blade Base on Left Engine Gear (Turbo) + CEW Metal Grip combinations due to being able to hit lower opponents with some level of effectiveness without terrible recoil, but generally this is outclassed by conventional attackers, due to the lack of an AR capable of effective attacks on setups this tall.

    • One interesting use is using Smash Turtle to push opponents into range of the Blade Base, though this is more of a neat gimmick setup than anything competitively worthwhile.

    • Overall, not a competitive part but more useful than some other EG Blade Bases.


  • Dragoon G was previously not a bad buy as it was usually cheap, comes with a left launcher and dragon winder, and Eight Spiker is a decent AR. The fact it also comes with a good WD for the same type is very nice too, but with the number of usable Attack AR's and the need for Left/Neo Left SG Shells to use the AR on a worthwhile setup, Dragoon G is far from a must-have, and as prices have increased it has become worse value than alternatives.

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