Roller Defense Ring

Attack Ring: Roller Defense Ring

Note: Placing wheels on incorrectly (on the top of the Attack Ring) is NOT legal.

Weight: 5.6g

  • Gimmick is roller parts, these form the main contact points

  • AR as a whole has tall, round edges

  • Extremely small and compact, being one of the smallest ARs in diameter but also relatively heavy.

  • Rollers help absorb energy from impact and disperse it in their rotation. This gives a small defensive boost but the shape of these contact points and the AR as a whole are the main source of its decent defensive ability.

  • Has breakage issues at the thin connection to the cylindrical part above the roller, and the roller wheels can break on particularly hard hits, though usually the connection will fail first.

  • A good choice for anything where low recoil is desired - all Right-Spin Defense and Stamina combinations as well as more defensive Compacts can use it successfully.

  • Its properties in particular lend themselves to Circle Survivor Defense combinations alongside Ten Heavy, which it is just wide enough to cover without being easy for opponents to hit. This makes for an extremely powerful defensive setup protected by Circle Survivor itself, while still having respectable stamina.

  • Usefulness on Compacts is limited by the fact it is entirely passive, with no contact points capable of doing more than nudging opponents, reducing their versatility.

Beyblades including this part