Down Force Ring

Attack Ring: Down Force Ring

Weight: 3.5g

    • Right Spin only

    • Relatively wide (for its time) AR with angled fins which have flat faces and are spaced relatively closely together

    • Has some Upper Attack, however the slopes are too short for it to be truly effective.

    • Has some Smash Attack, however the contact points are not well exposed and their flat nature causes noticeable recoil.

    • With Wide Survivor, can be used for Spin Stealing, however it is quite outclassed here due the recoil on its leading edges, which also means it is ineffective on Wide Defense.

    • No use defensively (including for compacts) due to the recoil on its leading edges.

    • Tends to be quite fragile due to the thin design of the fins.

    • One of the better offensive choices in its own time, but even here Upper Force Ring for example is a better contemporaneous choice.

    • Overall not terrible, but not a competitive part.

Beyblades including this part