Left Engine Gear (Turbo)

Weight: 7.0g

    • CEW-compatible Left Spin Engine Gear with Turbo gimmick - Engine Gear has much more power but doesn't last as long.

    • The only reasonable capable implementation of Engine Gears for Attack

    • Activation with a suitable CEW (i.e. Metal Grip) sends the Beyblade hurtling out of control at incredible speeds for a very short period of time.

    • Unfortunately, the height of Engine Gear setups, combined with the lack of an effective overhanging Left Spin AR means combos using it struggle to actually connect effectively with opponents. Were it not for this issue, there is some chance it might be competitively viable or at least Tier 2. As it is, it is not a useful part, largely relying on something like First Clutch Base (Dragoon G Version) to hit opponents.

    • Not useful with Final Clutch Bases, as it has too short an activation window for their late game burst to be effective, and also being Left Spin means it has no overhanging ARs, coupled with a lack of a Final Clutch Blade Base that is able to effectively hit opponents.

    • Only really effective with Metal Grip CEW as metal tips do not have enough traction to do much with the sudden spin providing very little noticeable change on activation.

Beyblades including this part