Triple Wing

Attack Ring: Triple Wing

Weight: 4.4g

  • Three-winged AR with aggressive contact points in each spin direction.

  • Practically an institution and perhaps one of the most famous parts in competitive plastics, in Right Spin, it serves as the standard by which Smash Attack AR's are judged in power and recoil and is one of a handful of non-mirrored Smash Attack ARs which are effective in both Left- and Right Spin.

  • However, it should be noted it does not have the sheer power output of Heavy Smash ARs such as Square Edge or Triple Beak, however it has markedly lower recoil, making for some ability to outspin certain defensive opponents more effectively, especially as it can be used on SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version).

Right Spin:

  • Near perfectly-angled contact points with fairly focussed points and decent exposure creates remarkably efficient Smash Attack in Right spin.

  • Tips could be less rounded, to focus hits better, similar to Cross Griffon. Triple Attacker attempted this and was worse off for it, however, due to the poor angles that resulted from it.

  • It does have a lot of competition (such as Cross Griffon and Triple Tiger), but is nonetheless a relatively accessible, reliable part.

  • The sloped edges of the Attack Ring also provide competitive Upper Attack on Storm Grip Base in combination with its already effective Smash Attack here.

  • Slightly more fragile than most Smash Attack AR's, a trade-off for lighter weight and thus slightly higher speed.

Left Spin:

  • While often overlooked in this direction, the other edge of its wings also make for well exposed, well angled contact points.

  • Focuses hits effectively using these contact points and has acceptable if not spectacular range.

  • Slightly more recoil than Right Spin

  • A competitive choice for Smash Attack in this spin direction.

Beyblades including this part