Dual Dragon

Attack Ring: Dual Dragon

Weight: 5.9g (Core Part 4.4g | Sub Part 1.5g)

    • Two part AR with a polycarbonate Sub AR part marketed as absorbing shock.

    • Sub AR doesn't really do anything in this regard, but is notable as a spiritual precursor to the PC Frames of MFB's 4D Beys, such as it's protagonist's Big Bang Pegasis F:D (though Hasbro didn't cynically replace Dual Dragon's Sub-Frame with red paint to save money on Dual Dragon as they did with their Cosmic Metal Wheel).

    • Core Part can technically fit the Sub Attack Ring of Great Tiger however this is not considered legal (clarification is being sought nonetheless).

Left Spin:

    • Doesn't hit hard enough to be a worthwhile Attack AR, mostly due to the rounded contact points and fairly average range.

    • Too recoil prone for anything else.

Right Spin:

    • Not horrible for Defense and Survival thanks to the rounded sub-frame and curved-back contact points.

    • However, it is slightly too wide to be useful here, and the Core frame still carries quite a bit of recoil, leaving it heavily outclassed by a plethora of Tier 1 and 2 options. Wide Survivor is much more useful that Wide Defense due to its greater diameter.

    • No offensive use due to no effective contact points.

    • Overall heavily outclassed but not truly dismal.

Beyblades including this part