Customize Metal Sharp Base

Weight: 5.8g

    • Sharp Metal Tip with plastic surrounds similar to MFB's WD tip, provides solid stamina and good precession

    • Decent balance, better than other Sharp tips, especially with the assistance of the surrounds

    • Better than other Sharp tips defensively, but still easy to knock out, especially with the design being easy for opponents to get under.

    • Decent LAD given good Support Parts

    • Can be used for Zombies, but is outclassed by Bearing supported parts.

    • Decent for RPM-Based Defense/Stamina Combinations using traditional Compact parts, though generally Customise Metal Change Base is a better choice, making for a more conventional Weight-Based Defense Combination.

    • May be the closest thing Plastics has to a conventional Stamina type part - it is one of the best Same-Spin Stamina parts in Plastics due to low friction and good precession, allowing it to face down most Zombie in the same spin direction,

    • It is held back by its tendency to lose to heavy opponents capable of utilising Force Smash, due primarily to its limited stability.

    • Slightly better LAD than Volcano Change Base, another Tier 2 choice, but also markedly less versatile.

    • Overall outclassed, but not something to expect an easy win against.