Metal Driger

Attack Ring: Cross Spiker

Weight: 4.7g

Right Spin:

    • Flat faces with vertical lines for Spike Attack

    • Recoily, once controlled it has decent power but not enough to be truly competitive.

    • Triangular protrusions get in the way a little, worsening consistency.

Left Spin:

    • Well angled and well shaped contact points, and triangles don't get in the way too much here.

    • Does have somewhat limited reach however.

    • Very similar in shape to Cross Attacker (albeit mirrored), but contact points face just slightly further outward which makes all the difference to its effectiveness.

    • Competitive Smash Attack AR in this direction.

    • Best used with Ten Wide for better contact point exposure.

Weight Disk: Ten Heavy

Weight: 16.1g

  • Heaviest legal Weight Disk.

  • Compact size and weight distribution makes it excellent defensively but not useful for Attack

  • Excellent for sustaining RPM – helps with defense, grinding, force smash, upper, and also defending against the last three.

  • Primary choice for Compacts, Traditional Upper Attack, Weight Defense, Circle Survivor Defense, and a competitive choice for Force Smash and Driger V2 combos.

  • With faster Attack Blade Bases (i.e. Defense Grip Base (Tip Inverted) and SG Grip Change Base Tip setups), Ten Heavy can be used without loss of speed, and its high weight becomes quite useful with Attack Rings such as Square Edge and Hayate Attack Ring, improving their rotational Smash characteristics however the reduction to the flywheel effect otherwise provided by Wide Defense or Ten Wide tends to result in more recoil KOs. It is nonetheless an acceptable option.

  • Overall a very versatile Weight Disk and a must-have part, outclassing both Heavy and Eight Heavy in all aspects, as well as being generally superior to Heavy Attack.

Spin Gear: Heavy Metal Gear

Spin Gear Shells: Heavy Metal Gear

Weight: 3.8g

  • Holder for the Heavy Metal Core for EG Blade Bases, though these are interchangeable.

  • Semi Flat tip isn't bad, but much too tall for this to be useful, as the tall height and lack of LAD on compatible Blade Bases makes it quite unstable.

  • Can use other Standard/Neo SG Core Parts but none offer any particular advantage.

  • Must be used with a core part of some kind per "if there is a slot, it must be filled" rule.

  • Can be used to some effectiveness with its own Heavy Metal Core and the weighty First Clutch Base (Zeus Version) to make a usable Weight Based Defense Combination, however its poor stability means it has little use aside from its acceptable defense and is easily outspun by most non-rubber tipped opponent.

  • Not a competitive part.

Spin Gear Core: Heavy Metal Core

Weight: 6.2g

  • Heaviest Neo Core available - and to the very vocal chagrin of fans, never released by Hasbro.

  • This makes it invaluable to combinations for which weight and RPM maintenance are important - Compacts, Weight Based Defenders, Force Smash, Traditional Upper Attack Combinations and most Driger V2 Combinations (due to their reliance on Upper Attack as a primary means of defeating opponents, as well as adding to their surprising defensive capabilities from their weight).

  • Can be used for Attack Types, and in general tends to be an excellent choice for the more powerful Attack Rings which benefit from Rotational Recoil control, but one must be careful that the Blade Base is fast enough not to be slowed down by the weight and distribution. As such, it is not effective on more traditional, lower power Smash Attack Customizations where a lighter SG is often beneficial, but highly effective with Attack Rings such as Square Edge which have a significant amount of Rotational Smash.

  • Overall, an incredibly useful part and an absolute must-have, proving there was a great reason for the community outrage over Hasbro failing to release it.

Weight: 6.9g


  • Takara and SonoKong's version of Metal Driger is a must-have, being the only source of the Heavy Metal Core required for Compacts, Weight Based Defense and Force Smash, and the fact it also includes Ten Heavy which is useful for all of those types is a big plus, as is the useful Attack Ring. This makes Takara/SonoKong Metal Driger a must-have - and generally a Beyblade one should own multiples of.