• AKA: Ultimate Saizo (Hasbro)

Picture provided by Databeys

Attack Ring: Tri Cutter

AKA: Trycutter, Tricutter

Weight: 2.2g

  • Right Spin only

  • Small width, spikes protrude just past Wide Survivor

  • One of the two lightest Attack Rings of the generation, alongside the somewhat similar Star Shape.

  • While it is very small and only touches the very edge of Wide Defense and being fully covered by Wide Survivor, the shape of the AR is intensely recoil prone, and it will eventually make contact at some point in the battle. As a result it performs very disappointingly for Survival, Spin-Stealing, Compact and Defensive Combinations.

  • No worthwhile contact points for Attack.

  • No competitive use

Weight Disk: Heavy

Weight: 15.3g

  • The most compact weight distribution of any weight disk.

  • It is worth noting that there is quite a broad range of weights for this Weight Disk, which one should be wary of.

  • The large corners of its shape result in some recoil when hit, though its compact weight distribution provides some protection against this.

  • Ten Heavy outclasses it slightly in all aspects of performance due to heavier weight, lower recoil, and Eight Heavy is marginally heavier, with a slightly less compact distribution making it a viable alternative.

  • Fairly competitive in Compacts and Traditional Upper Attack and a backup choice for Weight-Based Defense and Semi Flat Base Stamina Combos.

Blade Base: Sharp Base

Weight: 8.3g

  • 4 Layer System base with built in Right SG.

  • Some LAD but fairly limited.

  • Sharp tip has poor stability and defense as well as little movement.

  • Can be used for Stamina types but is greatly outclassed.

  • Overall not a useful part.


  • While Heavy is a nice part, Saizo is not a competitive buy and should be purchased for collection or staring at the cool bit sticker only.

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