Right Engine Gear (Reverse)

Weight: 6.7g

  • CEW-compatible Engine Gear with reverse gimmick: when activated the tip spins counter-clockwise instead of clockwise (with the Bey right-way up), which is intended to reverse the direction the Beyblade moves, and in tandem with a Final Clutch Base this is supposed to produce a counter-attack when hit. Doesn't work well, with activation causing an odd jerking, swinging movement at best with most lower-friction CEWs.

  • This gimmick means the EG is wound like a Left EG rather than a Right EG.

  • If activated at the start of the battle, the forces on the Beyblade and the CEW compete, making the Beyblade move much less than normal, though this is generally not useful as it harms stamina somewhat.

  • On Final Clutch Bases, collisions still happen early, and the resulting effect is that when hit, the Beyblade stops moving around the stadium as much. This isn't a bad property but the Engine Gear system lacks the parts to utilise it.

  • Using Metal Grip for the CEW prevents the EG from working til late in the game when the Beyblade's spin is lower no matter what clutch is used. The grip means part of the energy goes into spinning the top part of the Beyblade is clockwise, which adds some additional spin which can help right the Beyblade a little when it topples. However, this still doesn't work well in battle, though the setup can be used to make an odd grip-based defense combo, the result is still gimmicky rather than useful.

  • Overall useless, but can be fun to play around with if you have the parts to do so.

Beyblades including this part