G Upper

Attack Ring: G Upper

Weight: 5.5g

Left Spin:

  • Focussed and well-angled Contact points in this direction create effective Smash Attack, making for a competitive Smash Attack AR.

  • In addition, the slopes allow it to be an effective Traditional Upper Attack AR, aided by its Smash Attack in a way similar to Triple Wing in right spin.

  • Due to the slight increase in recoil over Panther Head and Eight Spiker, the destabilisation of the slopes doesn't have a great benefit to overall survivability vs these parts.

  • Overall a very good competitive part, and a great benchmark for Left Spin offense, similar to what Triple Wing is for Right Spin.

Right Spin:

  • Significant recoil in this direction with limited offensive ability.

  • Not useful in this direction.

Beyblades including this part