Great Dragon

For the Sub AR used with this part, see Wing Sub-Ring.

Attack Ring: Great Dragon

Weight: 5.4g (Core AR: 3.9g | Sub AR: 1.5g)

    • Two part AR using the "Wing" Sub Ring later also used by SG Wing Base (the instructions for which give it its assumed name, hence not being called "Great Dragon Sub AR") and a unique Core AR.

Core AR: Great Dragon

Note: The Black version of this part is very fragile due to issues with the plastic (a case of "Gold Plastic Syndrome" in a non-gold part), and as such should not be used.

Weight: 3.9g

  • Shape and thin construction make Great Dragon a little scary to use breakage wise, but aside from the Black recolour, it is not especially fragile, though it is also not considered a sturdy part.

  • Wing Sub-Ring is awful and gets in the way of Great Dragon, thus not useful combined.

  • Great Dragon itself has excellent Smash Attack in both Left and Right Spin.

  • Used for aggressive AR/SAR combinations, in particular fixing Screw Zeus in place (though there are reports of breakage issues in Right Spin) as well as fixing War Bear SAR in place.

  • In addition, War Lion can be used to fully expose the AR for a powerful Smash Attack setup in its own right.

With War Lion SAR:

  • War Lion exposes the contact points of Great Dragon perfectly, allowing it to work by itself.

  • Elevated height of contact points help a lot against Circle Survivor Defense as they allow the AR to hit above Circle Survivor to deliver effective hits.

  • Right Spin is noticeably better than Left, with more power and lower recoil, and is highly competitive.

  • Left Spin falls just short of the Competitive Combos List due to its greater recoil and lower power making it noticeably less effective. It is nonetheless quite good.

  • A competitive AR setup for Smash Attack, though one requiring the recoil control afforded by Defense Grip Base or SG Grip Change Base Tip.

With War Bear SAR:

  • Great Dragon and War Bear SAR are both similarly sized and near identically distributed and Great Dragon is able to fix it in place underneath itself

  • This focuses weight on both parts contact points, and in addition to their huge reach this results in very impressive power, comparable to Square Edge.

  • As War Bear SAR is fragile in Right Spin, this combo is best used in Left Spin, where it is a top-tier Smash Attack AR Setup.

With War Monkey SAR:

  • War Monkey works similarly to War Lion, but gets in the way a bit more.

  • An acceptable substitute, though suboptimal.

With Dragon Breaker SAR:

  • Dragon Breaker has decent synergy in Left Spin making it able to land some solid hits. If other options are unavailable, Dragon Breaker Sub AR is a fair option and much better than Wing.

Right Spin:

  • Great Dragon adds some smash in this direction, making for an effective setup.

  • Lighter weight does make it more forgiving about Blade Base choice than Dragon Breaker and Dragon Saucer, however it does make it a little less "safe", which is one of the main advantages of Screw Zeus setups.

  • Primary contact points are the rear of Screw Zeus' heads, which are very well exposed by this setup, the ridges of Great Dragon (which aren't very effective in this spin direction), and to a lesser extent the corners of Screw Zeus' sloped sections. Both of Screw Zeus' contact points have excellent Smash Attack.

  • Arguably a safer choice than left spin setups on taller bases, due to the lack of inverted slopes that could cause the combo to "upper" itself, though this is marginal.

  • Nonetheless a top-tier competitive option

Left Spin:

  • Light weight, yet still able to reinforce Screw Zeus's rectangular weight distribution, fix it in place, AND add additional Smash Attack of its own.

  • The contact points of Screw Zeus are well exposed by Great Dragon in left, with the foreheads reasonably well exposed and the leading edge of the second section perfectly obstruction-free. In addition, the crests of Great Dragon provide some addtional Smash Attack, making for a hard-hitting, consistent AR.

  • Lighter weight makes it more forgiving of tip speed and launch power than heavier options.

  • Doesn't work with SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version) - too much recoil, too little weight.

  • Compared to Right Spin, Screw Zeus doesn't have any effective overhanging contact points in this direction, and the inverted slope it does have results in severe destabilisation of the Beyblade using it when hit. As such, taller bases can struggle slightly more against low opponents though generally this is negligible. The overhanging section can also still interfere with efficacy against Circle Survivor Defense however, and a very strong launch is needed to basically use weight and momentum to bludgeon these combinations out of the arena. However, the lighter weight of Great Dragon can make this a little more difficult.

  • Overall a top-tier choice

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