Flame Pegasus

  • AKA: Torch Pegasus (Hasbro)

Attack Ring: Wing Upper

Weight: 5.3g

    • Unique rounded edges and an edge-focussed weight distribution are good for stamina, the former helping compensate slightly for the fact it is wider than Wide Survivor.

    • The rounded edges provide some ability to destabilise opponents, providing some versatility both on low combinations as well as Force Smash combinations, but advantage from this is negated by its greater recoil in both Left- and Right-Spin than alternatives such as Tiger Defenser, and for Force Smash, its range tends to be too short compared to Smash Turtle (though it is somewhat usable here).

Right Spin:

  • Slopes provide moderate upper attack and contact points provide moderate smash as well as a little recoil.

  • While usable for Compacts in this direction, the rotational recoil from the contact point shape and width of the AR means it is less effective than top tier ARs such as Tiger Defenser as the recoil causes it to fail to outspin a lot of key opponents including other compacts for a minimal offensive improvement.

  • Being slightly wider than Wide Survivor is an issue for use in Survival and Defense customizations as it has more recoil than smaller alternatives, relegating it to tier 2.

  • Can be used for Force Smash, but it is not wide enough to be truly effective like Smash Turtle, and has somewhat too much recoil for effective use.

  • Some use for Spin Stealing Attack however it lacks the offensive power to really make a combo more useful than just a regular Spin Stealer.

Left Spin:

    • Higher recoil than right spin as the contact points are the spikes at the front of the wings.

    • More offensively capable but still not terribly powerful.

    • Overall worse than right spin due to inferior defensive ability.

    • Still usable for compacts and to some degree Force Smash, but not particularly good in this direction.

Weight Disk: N/A

    • Gyro Engine Gear and Engine Stopper Base do not fit a Weight Disk. The metal disk of Gyro Engine Gear provides the bulk of the Beyblade's weight instead.

Spin Gear: Gyro Engine Gear

Weight: 21.2g (including 2x stock plastic bearings weighing 0.04g each)

    • Must be used with Engine Stopper Base which doesn't support a WD, meaning the fact it is technically the heaviest Spin Gear is mere trivia.

    • Main EG gimmick is a bearing-mounted gyro section (one interchangeable bearing and one plastic bearing) which can be launched by pushing a ripcord through the base on either side for left and right spin. The Beyblade can then be placed or launched normally while this spins. Consult your rulebook or tournament organizer for legality specifics.

    • Other gimmick is a switch that holds the gyro part in place, allowing the Beyblade to be launched as usual, which is the only legal way to use this.

    • Most useful tips are probably CEW Metal Change, CEW Metal Sharp and CEW Metal Ball.

    • There is no real competitive use for this part, however it is a lot of fun, especially if you are able to replace both bearings with Shielded Ball Bearings (the legality of this is unclear),

Weight: 5.5g

    • Must be used with Gyro Engine Gear.

    • Despite its name, the actual Engine Stop gimmick is part of Gyro Engine Gear, Engine Stopper Base is simply a plastic shell which houses Gyro Engine Gear to prevent damage etc.

    • Has two sloped protrusions though these don't really do anything.

Customize Engine Weight: Metal Sharp

Weight: 3.3g

    • Flat surface with a small metal point in the centre.

    • Tip has some precession, however for survival use it is outclassed by Light Sharp, which has excellent precession and allows for actual Zombie customizations (albeit right-spin only) with its own EG.

    • Largely outclassed, though notable for being a relatively good choice for Gyro Engine Gear due to very low friction.


  • Flame Pegasus is clearly designed for fun, rather than serious competitive play, and in this capacity it does admirably (especially if you have a Hasbro Trypio AR), so while it does have a decent (and rather unique) Attack Ring, Flame Pegasus is just for fun.