Holy Despell

Core AR to Screw Zeus

Core Attack Ring: Holy Despell

Weight: 2.8g

  • Very compact AR with two triangular protrusions and an SAR slot.

  • Gaps in the underside of the SAR area means that unfortunately Dragon Saucer SAR can jam in it, creating recoil, and therefore does not work particularly well. War Lion and Twin Horn (Hasbro) are more suitable alternatives.

  • Triangle protrusions cause horrible recoil when hit, and given survival types tend to tilt, this is a massive flaw for what may at first glance look like a promising Zombie Attack Ring, and results in it being outclassed by the likes of War Lion among other things.

  • War Lion SAR and War Monkey SAR are viable options, however the triangular protrusions of the AR cause significant recoil if hit, and War Lion provides little protection for these most of the time. The setup also suffers from its lower height at the edges getting caught under Circle Survivor where War Lion itself does not.

  • It is however one of the better choices for Circle Survivor Defense, though generally outclassed by Roller Defense Ring.

  • Overall, usable for Zombie Combinations, Circle Survivor Defense and even Compacts to a degree, though it is outclassed in all cases due to its recoil.

  • Not useful with its own SAR due to the aggressive design on a free-spinning setup making for poor offense but also significant recoil and poor survival.

Beyblades including this part


Dragon Saucer Compatibility Issue

With Screw Zeus