Metal Grip

Customize Engine Weight: Metal Grip

Weight: 2.7g

    • Plastic insides, small layer of metal and a somewhat hard rubber tip which is kind of a wide-ish semi-flat, with a tip width similar Storm Grip Base but with rubber consistency similar to Customize Grip Base Tip.

    • Weight, grip, and small tip surface area mean it moves somewhat slowly for a rubber tip. The bulk of most Engine Gear System Blade Bases only worsens this, meaning it is only really useful with Left Engine Gear (Turbo).

    • Can tornado stall at a reasonable pace, but this isn't that useful and a lot of attack tips are faster here too.

    • Tall height of Engine Gear set-ups renders it even less useful.

    • Nonetheless the best option for a Left Engine Gear (Turbo) attacker, both for grip and because it is the only tip with enough traction for the EG activation to do much of anything. Left Engine Gear (Turbo) also gives the tip much needed aggression.

    • Bevels allow for precession which can work with Right Customize Gear (Free Shaft Version) reasonably well, though it generally will rely on either Wide Defense or Wide Survivor (both via Normal Base (Rock Bison Version) or Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version)) for solid LAD, or settle for the additional weight but worse LAD of First Clutch Base (Zeus Version). The setup is also right spin only, and overall heavily outclassed by SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft setups.

Beyblades including this part