SG (Bearing Version 2)

Spin Gear Casings: SG (Bearing Version 2)

Weight: 0.55g each (1.09g total) plus 1 Bearing (unless using SG Grip Change Base Tip)

    • Holds and comes with one Shielded Ball Bearing.

    • Most common use is holding SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft, where it provides better stability than Double Bearing Core and of course comes with the shaft by default - leaving only a Left Spin Gear, Wide Defense and one of the many suitable ARs needed to make a very competitive defensive combination.

    • However, Double Bearing Core offers better defense and solo spin with its two bearings, and the stability difference isn't enough to alter AR viability, only really coming into play if using a Metal Bit Chip (the rarest part in the game).

    • Nonetheless, still a very competitive choice for Defensive Zombies and technically the SG to use in a truly optimal combination (using an MBC).

    • Also notable is the ability to hold SG Grip Change Base Tip - one of the best Attack tips of the generation, providing an alternative to the incredibly (and practically unusably) fragile SG Grip Change Base, albeit at a lower height which makes it less effective against Circle Survivor Defense.

    • Also able to hold the tip in Defense mode, however the incompatibility with a Heavy Metal Core makes this inferior to Defense Grip Base.

Beyblades including this part


With SG Grip Change Base Tip