Flying Defense

Attack Ring: Flying Defense

Weight: 6.2g

    • Hasbro and Takara's versions of this part differ greatly, likely due to Hasbro distributing the product in areas considered more litigious than Takara.

    • Takara version has a flying gimmick when launched from an upside down launcher.

  • Airflow creates down force in Right Spin, lift in Left Spin

  • This seems to make the AR very unstable in either direction, rather than the intended stability gain in Right

  • In left spin the lift and air resistance causes incredibly poor stamina

  • Protrusions along the end create some recoil, including below the AR, meaning it lacks the niche use of Flying Defense (Hasbro).

  • Easily destabilised by opposing Beyblades as its size and light weight give them huge amounts of leverage.

  • No competitive use and quite possibly the worst AR in plastics, being even worse than its Hasbro counterpart.

Beyblades including this part