RC Flat Base (Left Spin)

Note: This part is not legal under current World Beyblade Organisation rulings.

Weight: 37.1g

  • Remote Control Blade Base with a wide Semi-Flat tip, despite the name.

  • Interestingly, the tip is wider than RC Flat Base, and generally more stable and, of course, more aggressive.

  • Only left-spinning RC Blade Base.

  • Standard movement for a Semi-Flat tip, not overly aggressive, though the Motor gimmick does increase aggression if used.

  • Tip is spring-mounted, which can wear eventually causing it to retract some. This also causes hopping at times.

  • Catches the ridge better than RC Flat Base but not as effectively as RC Super Flat Base, and as a result is quite easy to KO even when weak launched. This makes it a poorer overall performer than that Base.

  • Middling LAD.

  • Relatively poor stability but better than other RC Bases barring RC Super Flat Base.

  • Were it legal, it would be a decent part with defensive ARs or ARs that don't protrude too far, handling some popular combinations quite well (primarily Left-Spin as well as some compacts) but having very poor defense and limited offensive ability due to its height, with the defense in particular making it somewhat of a risky choice.

Beyblades including this part