Customize Grip Base Tip

Weight: 1.8g

    • Rather hard rubber tip containing a South-directed magnet, which adds to weight somewhat.

    • Weight in tip as well as hardness of rubber makes it a little slower than its width indicates, however this assists with the centred weight of Force Smash combinations.

    • Relatively wide tip produces fast movement (similar to Grip Base), but overall shape (especially round edges) and hardness (and therefore fairly average grip) of rubber makes it prone to skipping the tornado ridge, causing it to struggle a little with recoil.

    • As it is usually used with Customize Grip Base , the tall height of most setups with it (using South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version) or SG (Auto Change Version) and Magne Flat Base or SG Grip Base, a lower setup can be made, but poorer LAD is a trade-off) means using an overhanging AR like Triple Tiger helps significantly with consistency against lower opponents, though using non-overhanging AR's means that it can handle Circle Survivor Defense better because the height means easier contact with the upper part of those combinations - notable with Mirage Goddess and Mountain Hammer in particular. Overall, using a non-overhanging AR and banking deeper vs shorter opponents is generally more meta-relevant at this point.

    • Overall a good part, however Defense Grip Base in flat-tip configuration has better speed and recoil control at the same height, the same ability to use different SGs, and is also much cheaper, and the poorer LAD often isn't much of a concern to Attack types. In addition, while it does not have the same versatility of SG choice, SG Grip Change Base Tip can also take advantage of LAD to a degree, using Customize Grip Base itself.

    • Stamina isn't too terrible for a rubber tip due to the hardness, which is part of why it works for Force Smash. This is perhaps its defining feature versus other competitive Attack tips (aside from the similar SG Grip Base Tip), as it means it has no trouble outspinning the sharp tip of Defense Grip Base, which otherwise walls most Hyper Aggressive Smash Combinations.

    • This makes it a unique and very viable part, performing better against Circle Survivor Defense and Grip Defense, but worse against Defensive Zombies and Weight Based Defense, compared to the other two major Attack Blade Bases.