Customize Metal Change Base


Weight: 6.4g

    • Mid-Height Support Part-compatible Blade Base with a Metal Change tip

    • Metal Change Tip is somewhat sharper than Metal Change Base, resulting in easier use without aggression, though it makes it slightly less useful offensively and as such it is perhaps a worse implementation of the Change Tip than Metal Change Base

    • It is nonetheless versatile, as well as catching the Tornado Ridge well, allowing use in Driger V2 Combos, Compacts and Weight Based Defense.

    • Surprisingly heavy between its own thickness and size and compatibility with SP, which puts it near SG Metal Ball Base for weight, allowing use in Weight Based Defense Combos. The Change Tip also allows it to make a versatile base for this type, being able to sit in the middle or be aggressive, and having some ability to catch the tornado ridge, and having overall better stamina when not making contact with the opponent versus SG Metal Ball Base, allowing it to perform better against opponents attempting to stall it out.

    • For Driger V2, the metal tip and sharp point are a key part of the overall Beyblade, working with the weight distribution to provide impressive survival, especially with Wide Defense.

    • For Compacts, Metal Change Base is more manipulable and more offensively capable making it more versatile, however Customize Metal Change Bases weight allows for more defensively focused compacts, to the point they cross over into Weight Based Defense.

Possible Mold Differences:

    • There are rumors of a rare mold with a completely sharp tip. Based on testing with tip swaps, this would result in far worse stability, negating many of the benefits of Customize Metal Change Base for little gain, and as such if one has this mold it should not be considered competitive. Based on the rarity, this is most likely a production error rather than an actual mold - or a tip swap.

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