Light Sharp

Customize Engine Weight: Light Sharp

Weight: 0.85g

    • Tip made out of POM material for lower friction, making it very similar to PD from MFB both in low friction and shape, though Light Sharp is shallower and more towards a Change-shaped tip, much like Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft. The other shaft using this material is Bearing Base Shaft.

    • Like Neo SG (Double Bearing Version). it can tend towards some level of aggression which can be bad versus Attack (already a losing matchup anyway) and good for having a chance to KO other zombies, including Spiral Change Base zombies which would otherwise comfortably, reliably outspin it but are very easy to Knock Out even when weak launched.

    • Wide change shape means that unlike Bearing Base Shaft, CEW Light Sharp has relatively good stability,

    • Only real use is with Right Customize Gear (Free Shaft Version), as it is the only option for full bearing support and free spin, and Light Sharp isn't useful for anything but stamina.

    • Not particularly useful on Gyro Engine Gear either, due to light weight and limited defensive ability due to its low friction.

    • Overall, using Right Customize Gear (Free Shaft Version) and Normal Base (Rock Bison Version) or Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Version) allows Light Sharp to be an admittedly niche competitive part, making it the only competitive "true" CEW and the second most competitively relevant Engine Gear part overall, after Circle Survivor.

    • It is crippled however by being locked to Right Spin due to the lack of a suitable left Engine Gear with bearings, meaning its competitive relevance is still marginal, and the fact Customize Grip Base + Defense Ring allows Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) zombies to have far superior LAD means it remains a niche option.

Beyblades including this part