RC Beyblade Dragoon V2

  • Remote Control version of Dragoon V2.

  • AKA: Dragoon V (Hasbro), except the G-Revolution EU-Exclusive Red Recolour which was labelled Dragoon V2 on the box but still only Dragoon V on the launcher.

Attack Ring: Spike Dragon

Weight: 4.9g

Left Spin:

  • Flat contact points with vertical lines (intended for Spike Attack, however they do little to help).

  • Creates relatively powerful Smash but has horrendous recoil, especially rotational recoil.

  • Overall somewhat usable for Smash Attack but the rotational recoil significantly reduces its power.

Right Spin:

  • Some Smash from the rearmost protrusions but suffers from terrible rotational recoil here as well, and is not worth using.

  • Not a competitive part, there are more powerful alternatives with far less recoil.

  • No Defensive or Survival use either.

Blade Base: RC Flat Base

Note: This part is not legal under current World Beyblade Organisation rulings.

Weight: 37.8g

  • Remote Control Blade Base with a Semi-Flat tip (despite the name).

  • Right Spin (even on RC Beyblade Dragoon V2).

  • Standard movement for a Semi-Flat tip, not overly aggressive, though traction from the RC Motor assists.

  • Tip is spring-mounted, which can wear eventually causing it to retract some. This also causes hopping at times.

  • Spring mounted tip skips the Tornado Ridge easily.

  • Middling LAD.

  • While very easily KOd, it has some chance against popular combinations such as Circle Survivor Defense if it manages to stay stable and Driger V2 Combos if it manages to avoid KO, however it is heavily outclassed by RC Super Flat Base, which doesn't suffer from the same poor stability and thus is a more reliable choice.

  • If it were legal without the RC Gimmick, it would be usable but generally not a very good part.


  • With a very average Attack Ring and middling-were-it-legal Blade Base instead of the exceptional parts of Dragoon V2, there is no reason to purchase this Beyblade outside of collection.