Gyro Spin Gear and Gyro Holder (Balance)

Spin Gear: Gyro Spin Gear and Gyro Holder: Balance

Weight: 32.0g

    • Includes 1x Metal Bearing and 1x Shielded Ball Bearing (listed as "Free Bearing"). Comes without the tip attached, allowing bearings to be swapped as desired.

    • Standard spin gear casings, weight gear and core part. mounted on a long shaft which extends above and below it, which is mounted inside the Gyro Holder (using two bearings) and is used to spin the AR and WD inside the Bearing Gyros when a ripcord is inserted and pulled, just like Magical Ape MS's Gyro Mode. The shaft cannot be fitted to a regular launcher, however aside from the shaft it is a regular Spin Gear.

    • "Balance", the Gyro Holder, is a large plastic casing holding the rest of the Beyblade, as well as having a Tip and various frames to hold the top together. It is not legal for competitive play.