Right Customize Gear (Full Auto Clutch Version)

Weight: 5.1g

    • Based on Full Auto Clutch Base and its SG, when Clutch is in place tip is held in place, when released it spins free.

    • Lacks the shielded metal ball bearing support and access to the Blade Bases with good LAD that allow the parts it is based on to be useful/compensate for their attempt at doing two starkly different things at once.

    • Lack of shielded metal ball bearings makes its survival when free spinning remarkably poor, largely negating any usefulness of the gimmick.

    • Does two things poorly instead of any one thing well, being outclassed by more specialized parts without even being a useful middle ground.

    • Somewhat interesting (though the fact the gimmick has been done better already negates this somewhat), but useless - even Right Customize Gear (Free Shaft Version) is a better option for the intended use of this part within the EG system.

    • First Clutch bases and Normal Bases tend to activate the free spin immediately, negating much of the gimmick, while Final Clutch activates it in a manner more similarly to Full Auto Clutch Base, later in the game. The former is outclassed by Right Customize Gear (Free Shaft Version), and due to the lack of good bearings the latter is largely pointless.

Beyblades including this part