Sonic Tiger

Attack Ring: Sonic Tiger

Weight: 4.7g

  • Two-winged AR with three segments per wing, like a further separated Tiger Defenser.

  • On that note, overall it acts like a poor tribute to that predecessor.

Right Spin:

    • Primary contact points are the tips of the rear wings, which are not well-angled offensively, and the leading edge of the second segment, which are thick and recoil-prone.

    • Combined with the size, this makes it functionally a slightly worse version of Panther Claw, with higher recoil and worse defense.

    • Offensive ability isn't great, but it can deliver effective hits.

    • Overall not useful, but could be used for compacts in a real pinch.

Left Spin:

    • Primary contact points are the heads and front edges of the section behind them. These all suffer from noticeable recoil issues.

    • Lacks any useful offensive ability in this direction.

    • Has too much recoil for Defense or Survival use.

    • Overall not useful.

Beyblades including this part