Penta Wing

Attack Ring: Penta Wing

Weight: 5.1g

  • Five-sided AR with relatively aggressive design, slopes facing each direction.

  • Notable for being the only AR that lines up with Star Attack in any reasonable way.

Right Spin:

    • Lack of range, obstruction and inward angle of contact points results in unimpressive Smash Attack

    • Too much recoil for Defensive or Stamina use

    • Penta Wing's Upper Attack in this direction is largely limited to destabilization, thus not worth using.

Left Spin:

    • Solid Upper Attack in this direction due to the reasonably long slopes on each wing.

    • Moderate but not excessive recoil.

    • These attributes make Penta Wing a viable, if very offense-focussed Attack Ring for Spin-Stealing Attack. Its recoil does cause it to lose match-ups, particularly same-spin, where Upper Dragoon might win by outspin, but the increased offensive ability makes it reliable in other match ups.

    • Slopes make it effective as a Left Spin Traditional Upper Attack AR, and it is a very compelling choice for this - which also makes Star Attack a viable competitive part just for this reason.

    • Overall while there are many alternatives, Penta Wing is quite unique and effective.

Beyblades including this part