SG Wing Base

Blade Base: SG Wing Base

RELEVANT WORLD BEYBLADE ORGANIZATION RULING: The combination of Screw Zeus on SG Free Wing Base with Weight Disks that visibly do not fit and cause the parts to bend from their original shape or do not sit level with each other is forbidden.

Weight: 5.9g (without Sub-Ring)

  • SG Wing Base is unique in being a Blade Base which is able to accept Sub Attack Rings. The stock Sub-Ring is Wing Sub-Ring. The use of a Sub-Ring is required for legality.

    • Able to use any Sub AR, though some (most notably Screw Zeus) will only fit legally with certain Weight Disks.

    • Has modified Base Clips to do so, and these must be used with the Base at all times.

    • Uses Gaia Dragoon's Tip (and Sub Ring by default) - it comes with the same secondary Runner Frame, these are made of a softer, more flexible plastic than the rest of the Beyblade.

    • Has decent LAD with smaller Sub Rings such as War Lion Sub AR, however the large Base Clips scrape badly, reducing this significantly, and unlike all other Bases these cannot be swapped out for a less pronounced alternative.

    • Wider Sub Rings (including Wing) tend to scrape early resulting in poor performance.

    • Tip provides controllable movement with a good mix of aggression and stillness, however it fails to excel in either area. It is made of the same slightly softer material as the "Wing" SAR, and overall lacks somewhat in the stamina department.

    • Would be a decent Base for Compacts when used with War Lion Sub AR were it not for its scraping issues and mediocre stamina, which relegate it to tier 2.

    • It is legal to invert the tip, though this has negligible utility.

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