Bearing Base

Note: Performance of Bearing-Equipped parts assumes Shielded Ball Bearings in all positions.

Blade Base: Bearing Base

Weight (without shaft): 6.7g + 2 Bearings

  • Semi-Integrated SG – the prototype for both removable SG's and shaft-and-casing setups.

  • Right spin only

  • SG Part fits two bearings, comes with two wide POM bearings and one plain metal one.

  • Good LAD, despite the clip sometimes scraping, LAD matchup between it and Defense Grip Base 2 is very close.

  • Can be used with a number of shafts, SG (Bearing Version) Shaft and Bearing Base Shaft, with the latter generally being superior.

  • A useful part crippled by Right Spin lock, retains some use against other Zombies and Defensive Zombies, as well as being decent for same-spin stamina.

Beyblades including this part