Lizard Blocker

Attack Ring: Lizard Blocker

Weight: 6.7g

    • A large and bulky AR modelled after a Triceratops (cool) with 4 rollers intended to reduce recoil and provide defensive ability. They don't achieve this - their size means they make contact, and making contact with a roller is still worse than just not making contact at all by being smaller - and Roller Defense Ring provides both of those options in one part (less cool).

Right Spin:

  • Poor offensive ability due to lack of exposed contact points, as well as poor defensive abilities due to recoil. Not worth using in this direction.

Left Spin:

  • The "frill" details actually provide effective Smash Attack, however the roller parts get in the way and result in some otherwise clean hits lacking any significant power. It is nonetheless quite effective in this spin direction, but not a top tier competitive choice.

Beyblades including this part