Triangle Wing

Attack Ring: Triangle Wing

Weight: 6.1g

  • Strong Upper Attack in left and right spin making it a competitive Traditional Upper Attack part, with slopes of equal length and angle in both directions meaning performance is identical in either direction.

  • Has some Smash Attack from front of the slopes and the heads, more than Upper Dragoon, which can make it quite effective when you need a bit more oomph, but Triple Tiger and Upper Claw have significantly more Smash Attack in Right Spin. In left however, there is little with similar lifting power to Triangle Wing that also has more Smash Attack, with G Upper having much more smash but significantly shallower slopes.

  • More recoil prone than Upper Dragoon which would be a downside for Spin Stealing Upper Attack, however the additional Smash Attack can come in handy against some opponents, meaning it is just as viable a choice and a competitive part for this type.

  • Defensively it is outclassed by Upper Dragoon due to the wider spaces, under-wing gaps and overall more angular design which collectively result in more recoil. As such, Triangle Wing isn't competitive for defense or survival types.

  • Overall, a good Attack Ring, and a nice variation on the popular Upper Dragoon, but generally not quite as reliable aside from in Right Spin Traditional Upper Attack.

Beyblades including this part