Death Gargoyle

  • From Random Booster 10, one of three prize Beyblades alongside Rushing Boar and Killer Eagle, the three came in Red, Blue and Green, with Red being the prize color for this Beyblade.

Picture provided by @Beyfinity

Attack Ring: Genocide Circle

Weight: 5.9g

    • The aggressive gaps and contact points (both the poles of the wings and the heads/beaks), produce a lot of Recoil and some Smash Attack, however the wings make hits highly inconsistent due to having low recoil and no Smash Attack.

    • This means hits can either be reasonable power with high recoil or have no impact at all, making for very inconsistent performance.

    • It also has some slopes for Upper Attack in Right Spin, however these are shallow and have next to no effect on opponents, especially as their leading edge is obstructed by the odd pole-like extension at the front of each wing in this direction.

    • Only real use is that on Customize Grip Base it is able to outspin Circle Survivor Defense in some cases, however it generally has too much recoil to really do much other than this.

    • Basically, Genocide Circle's design thoroughly thwarts itself, resulting in a largely useless Attack Ring.

Weight Disk: Random

Spin Gear: Neo Right Spin Gear (Metal Weight Version)

Spin Gear Shells: Neo Right Spin Gear Shells

Weight: 1.15g ea (total 2.3g)

  • Generally preferred to regular Right shells due to being compatible with all SG-Compatible bases, in particular for being compatible with Neo SG Cores and the Heavy Metal Core.

  • This means they are a necessity for Compacts, Weight Based Defense, Force Smash, Traditional Upper Attack and Driger V2 Combinations, at least aside from the rare occasions Left Spin is desired for one of these types, in which case Neo Left Shells are preferred.

  • Overall a crucial competitive part, but thankfully exceedingly common.

Spin Gear Core: Metal Weight Core

Weight: 2.5g

  • Only compatible with Neo Shells.

  • Has a cylindrical metal part in the centre to add weight

  • Slightly lighter than Magnecores, which limits its usefulness, even for Attack Types where the small difference between it and other cores in terms of weight means it generally fails to find a niche, or at least fails to stand out as significantly better in most cases.

  • This does not mean it is outclassed for all setups, however, odds are it provides the right mix of recoil control and speed for some setups, it is just that the difference it would be best by would inevitably be quite small.

  • Does still work well for Attack Types in general, despite usually being outperformed by other options the difference is quite minimal.

Blade Base: SG Flat Base

Weight: 4.4g

  • SG version of Flat Base

  • Shortest base in plastics, which can make it an okay choice for Traditional Upper Attack.

  • Tip shape and material reduce effectiveness as it struggles to flower pattern effectively as well as having limited recoil control and average stamina.

  • Acceptable LAD which can be useful.

  • Outclassed by rubber and metal attack tips, but could be a fallback option for Attack.

  • Can be used for Compacts, but again is heavily outclassed.

  • Last use is similar to Flat Base in setups similar to Semi-Flat Base Stamina, primarily using Wide Defense and a Compact or smaller-sized Defensive AR, with SG choice depending on the desired effect. This can allow outspins or KOs against less competitive opponents.

  • In these setups, SG Flat Base has slightly poorer LAD than Flat Base, but has the ability to customize the SG, including use of Left Spin, though the lack of Left Spin Compact ARs with any real offensive ability does cause some issues here.


  • Its greatest attribute being its ineffective yet unique-looking Attack Ring, Death Gargoyle is decidedly a collection-only Beyblade.

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