Panther Head

Attack Ring: Panther Head

Weight: 5.5g

Right Spin:

  • Lacks effective contact points in this direction

  • Ineffective, somewhat recoil prone, and overall not very useful.

Left Spin:

  • Solid Smash Attack without much recoil from the well-angled regular contact points and the thick, if poorly exposed back of head parts which offer additional power at the cost of slightly more recoil.

  • Slopes offer a little extra destabilization in addition to that caused by fast moving opposite spin Beyblades in general (which combos using Panther Head are likely to be against most opponents).

  • Range is somewhat limited, and Ten Wide is likely a better WD choice than Wide Defense because of this, but even with that limitation this has very little tangible effect on performance.

  • Overall, a competitive part for Left Spin Smash Attack

Beyblades including this part